5 Reasons to Install Impact Doors in Miami, FL

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26 Feb, 2023

For both homes and businesses, impact doors are an excellent way to add protection against storms and criminals. Impact doors are designed to withstand a serious pounding from flying debris during hurricanes. They also can’t easily be infiltrated by intruders like other standard doors can be. At Unity Windows & Doors, we sell and install top-quality impact doors in the greater Miami area. Here are five benefits of impact doors.

Storm Resistant

During hurricanes, doors and windows are particularly vulnerable to damage. And when doors are compromised, it can allow a lot of water to enter the home and cause damage. Before the next hurricane season arrives, it’s worth looking into impact doors and windows as a way to protect your home against storm damage.

Decrease Energy Expenditures

Impact doors are thick, strong, and seamlessly fit their frames. If you often run your HVAC system, impact doors can help to keep treated air within your home. With a drafty door, cooled air can escape your home on hot days, causing you to use your AC more, which not only increases your energy bills, but also adds wear and tear to your HVAC system.

Reduce Outside Noise

Impact doors are thick and insulating, which helps to drown out noise from the outside world. This is a great benefit for homeowners who live near busy roads, airports, or noisy neighbors. 

Various Attractive Styles

Impact doors are available in a broad assortment of colors and styles, making it easy for you to find just the right look for your desired aesthetic. At Unity Windows & Doors, we also offer beautiful impact French doors that are made with glass that will hold up strongly during a major windstorm. 

Boost Home Value

In the Miami area, impact doors and windows are a highly desirable home feature. When you install impact doors, you can enjoy their benefits while still in your home, and then get a better return when it eventually comes time to sell.

Impact Doors in Miami, FL

If you’re interested in installing impact doors in Miami and the surrounding area, contact Unity Windows & Doors at (305) 574-9057. Feel free to give us a call today to request an estimate!


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