Top Reasons to Install Metal Roofing in Miami-Dade County


26 Feb, 2023

In South Florida, you need roofing that can withstand stormy weather. Metal roofing can do just that. Not only does it offer excellent resistance to wind and rain, it looks attractively modern. And you can expect your metal roofing to hold up for many decades, as long as it’s installed by an experienced roofer. At Unity Windows & Doors, we provide expert metal roof installation in Miami and the surrounding area.

What are the benefits of metal roofing?
One of the top benefits of installing metal roofing in Miami is that you’ll have a strongly wind-resistant roof. Some metal roofs are designed to withstand wind gusts of 160 mph, making them a great option for holding up during hurricane season. Also, your metal roof will deflect heat. In turn, it’ll be easier to keep your home at a comfortably cool temperature without putting your AC on full blast, which will help to keep your energy bills down and reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Metal roofing is also desirable for its long lifespan. In most cases, metal roofing will hold up for at least 50 years, and potentially a lot longer. Your metal roof’s life expectancy will in large part be determined by the specific kind of metal roofing that you select. Aluminum and tin roofs commonly last for closer to 50 years, while zinc and copper roofs regularly hold up for more than a century.

For re-roofing projects, metal roofing is a popular option because of its light weight. In many cases, metal roofing can be installed right on top of existing shingle roofing without requiring any reinforcement of the roofing infrastructure. This can save a lot of money on labor and waste disposal.

It’s also worth noting that metal roofing is more environmentally-friendly than many other standard roofing materials, primarily because it is commonly made from recycled materials, and can itself be recycled if it ever needs to be removed. Also, metal roofing can enhance your home’s energy-efficiency, meaning there will be less reliance on natural resources to keep your home at a comfortable temperature over the years.

Metal Roofing in Miami
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